We can help you reach your goal, no matter the budget. If you have a shoestring or frayed shoestring budget 🙂 we can shoot on anything from our Canon XF100’s to the wonderful Fuji mirrorless systems to get great results without breaking the bank. If your project requires a little more production value we shoot on Panasonic Varicam LTs and typically use different lens sets depending on the nature of the shoot. If clinical is your game, we typically pick our Fuji set to keep the budget low and give more room in the rest of your production, but can rent Zeiss’ or another preference if need be. If your project is more cinematic and less clinical, Fletch favors his Leica Prime set modified for cinema use by Matt Duclos and Ron Simmods. Paired with the Varicam sensor something quite special happens. We love Russian and Ukrainian lenses also if you want a cinematic look, but Leicas stretch the budget too thin. Lomos, Mir, and Jupiters have the character we like most.

We shoot off Sachtler tripods and can provide any gimbal stabilization or other shooting solution through our wonderful relationships with RULE Boston Rentals and Talamas Broadcast Rentals. Remote follow focus systems are used along with Atomos Recorders to capture in any fashion you like and we can even shoot in RAW if you request it. We can’t wait to talk and figure out a plan of action that leaves you excited about the next step of production, instead of adding another stressful piece to an already exhausting puzzle 🙂



All of our sound recording is done on site at the studio. Whether it is music for a show/movie, ADR, or voiceover work we handle it here in house. We boom Senheisers on set and ADR or narrations are captured using the best mic for your voice. We have Avantones, Royers, Cloud Ribbons, AKG 414s, AEAs, Neumanns, or even a classic Shure SM7B. Any instruments are recorded into the desk here at SpaceKarma Studios into preamps from Trident, AEA, Neve, Heritage Audio, Universal Audio, and mixed in house. We can help you with any budget and really do it all from start to finish. While Fletch doesn’t work with bands too often these days, depending on the people he can be very easily persuaded if the project excites him.