Derelict House in Kenmore Square

Welcome to Fletched Films and SpaceKarma Studios, an entertainment production company out of Cambridge, MA. We work hard to ensure your vision is followed through, regardless of budget. If you have an interesting narrative project or idea that needs producing, we are very happy to be involved. We do this because we love creating new work, not because it is our jobs. We do this because we have to. Fletch launched this studio in 2010 with the idea of being solely an engineer to help his fellow musicians get their goals met and cut great records. Studio costs can rack up fast and before you know it you are playing five nights a week and still working two other jobs.

After dealing with that very problem himself, Fletch self produced SpaceKarma Studios to help fix that problem. Through hard work and tireless dedication he built a business that records, mixes, and helps assist the writing process for musicians looking for a new type of working arrangement. We own all of our own equipment and you wont pay for “studio time” you will pay instead for the time of your engineer and depending on the project, and time commitment, each quote is tailored to the individual.

Passerby in Cambridge, MA

Fletch was a touring musician for about thirteen years before tendinitis forced him to pivot into his love of story telling and writing. While at school in London for music production and media studies he cultivated his two passions and after years of honing his skills he is excited to bring his experience to whatever project requires it.

Fletched Films now produces small independent films and documentaries and when Fletch is not on the road chasing a project, he is at the studio writing and story boarding his next one. Over the years he has developed good contacts in many industries that affords him great collaborators for any project that comes in.

Wall Art

If you are a writer, musician, director, producer, or any type of artist please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and we will see what we can do to help 🙂